Whole Body Cryotherapy

About Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a pain treatment that uses subzero temperatures to calm irritated nerves, provide pain relief and reduce inflammation. This innovative technology has replaced the need for ice baths. Cryotherapy is more effective and more comfortable for the patient. Each treatment only takes about two to three minutes, and gives your body everything it needs to stay active. You can boost your energy levels, work out harder and recover faster with the help of Sports Recovery Annex.

How Cryotherapy Works

Using an open-topped Cryochamber, you will stand for a few short minutes as your body is surrounded by cold air with temperatures as low as -285° F. Although that may sound unbearable, it is important to note that the air contains zero moisture and no air currents. As a result, your core body temperature remains the same while only your skin temperature gets cold. In addition to effectively reducing pain and/or inflammation, cryotherapy is also beneficial for treating endocrine, immune or nervous system deficiencies.

Is Cryotherapy Safe?

Yes. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to achieve freezing cold temperatures, but the liquid nitrogen does not come in direct contact with your skin. It’s also the same as the nitrogen we breathe in the air every day, so there is no risk. The trained experts at Sports Recovery Annex will be there to monitor the temperature levels and make sure you are always comfortable.

If you are tired of being in pain and want to get back to top form, contact us and schedule a cryotherapy session today!