Recovery Technique & Physical Therapy


For thousands of years, the Chinese have used cupping as a massage therapy technique. It can help treat pain, deep scar tissues in the muscles, as well as connective tissue, muscle knots inflammation and swelling. During your treatment session, the therapist will begin by creating a vacuum within the cup and placing it on your skin. It may be moved around in a massaging motion or left in place for a few minutes before being removed. You may feel a mild pinching sensation during the session and have visible red marks for a few days following the treatment. Most people, however, report little to no discomfort during the session and feel great immediately after the massage.

Marc Pro

The Marc Pro is an electronic device created to condition and stimulate muscles in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. Marc stands for Muscle Activated Recovery Cascade because this technology is designed to create unique, strong, yet completely non-fatiguing muscle contractions that set off a cascading series of physiologic events. The process dilates blood vessels to increase flow and deliver more oxygenated nutrients to the specific area being treated. By pushing deoxygenated blood away from the fatigued area, the recovery of the muscle is greatly accelerated. The Marc Pro can improve your muscle fatigue before a workout for 10-20 minutes or after your physical activity for 30-60 minutes.

Game Ready

If you’ve suffered a soft tissue injury or require orthopedic surgery, Game Ready might be right for you. Its advanced technology can aid in your rehabilitation plan and get you back to performing at your best.

The RICE technique (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) has been used to treat both small and chronic injuries as well as assist in orthopedic post-operative rehabilitation. Many professional athletes and medical professionals choose Game Ready as a part of the RICE regimen due to how it combines adjustable cold and intermittent compression. From your head to your toes, Game Ready can help in the treatment and healing process of a variety of musculoskeletal injuries as well as post-operative treatment.

Game Ready is different from traditional cold therapy methods such as ice bags and cold packs because its form-fitting, flexible fabric wraps surround the affected area for comfortable and comprehensive coverage. Patented technology continuously cycles fluid throughout every part of the wrap and allows cold temperatures to be adjusted for treatment.


Laser therapy is a drug-free solution to provide accelerated pain relief, increase joint flexibility and shorten healing times. Sports Recovery Annex offers a variety of laser therapy treatments that will control inflammation without side effects or pain. Laser therapy has a proven worldwide track record of being one of the most effective and safe treatments.

What can Laser Technology do for you as an athlete?
• Increase stamina
• Quicken recovery time
• Prevent seasonal and chronic injuries
• Increase blood supply and energy supply of muscles
• Reach high performance goals without doping

Corrective Exercises

We will personally design and guide you through a custom rehabilitation or fitness program.
Exercise is an essential factor in injury prevention, sports conditioning, and injury rehabilitation.

We can help you with muscular imbalances, faulty neuromuscular coordination, inadequate ligament or tendon strength, inadequate muscle or cardiovascular endurance, inadequate muscle bulk, problems with flexibility and problems related to body composition.


Graston Technique® is an innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that effectively breaks down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The technique utilizes specially designed stainless steel instruments to specifically detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

Why is scar tissue a problem?
Scar tissue limits range of motion, and in many instances causes pain, which prevents the patient from functioning as he or she did before the injury.

How are the instruments used?
The Graston Technique® instruments are used to detect adhesions, scar tissue or restrictions in the affected areas. Skilled clinicians use the stainless steel instruments to comb over and “catch” on fibrotic tissue, which immediately identifies the areas of restriction. Once the tissue has been identified, the instruments are used to break up the adhesion, scar tissue or restricted area.

Is the treatment painful?
It is common to experience minor discomfort during the procedure and some bruising afterwards. This is a normal response and part of the healing process.

Is Graston Technique® used alone?
No. Our protocol includes a brief warm-up exercise, Graston Technique® treatment, followed by stretching, strengthening and ice.

What is the frequency of treatment?
Patients usually receive two treatments per week over 4-5 weeks. Most patients have a positive response by the 3rd to 4th treatment.

Will treatments affect my everyday activities?
Most patients are not disabled and continue to perform their regular functions at home, work or sport activity.


NormaTec Pulse Recovery Systems are compression devices that are designed to assist with recovery and rehab in the arms hips and legs. Created with athletes in mind, this technology helps you recover faster between training sessions and after performance. NormaTec’s goal is to flush out the bad metabolites and allow you to recover in a comfortable setting. By strengthening the body from the inside out with the help of NormaTec and Sports Recovery Annex, you can reach your full athletic potential.
It Works
NormaTec uses three techniques to maximize athlete recovery. The first technique is called pulsing. Pulse Technology replicates the muscle pump of the legs and arms to enhance the movement of fluid out of the limbs after an intense workout. The second technique – gradients -uses pressure to keep fluids from being forced in the wrong direction. The third technique is distal release, where pressure is released once it is no longer needed to prevent backflow. By holding and releasing pressure in specific areas of the body, each portion of the limb can rest or receive the proper pressure that it needs.
Is It Safe?
Yes. The NormaTec PCD (Pneumatic Compression Device) is an FDA-approved medical device that is safe for you to use. Our team of experts at Sports Recovery Annex will supervise you during all NormaTec treatments.

To learn more about this type of recovery treatment, please contact us to schedule a session today.

Muscle Activation

Muscle Activation Technique is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion with the human body. This specific and unique process for evaluating an individual’s ability to produce efficient muscle contraction can increase physical performance and range of motion. MAT is suitable for all types of athletes from professional players to casual connoisseurs. Our certified trainers can perform several force application techniques that will restore your body function and strengthen weak muscles. With the MAT approach, you’ll be performing at your best in daily exercise and intense sports training.