Recovery and healing are critical components of every fitness regimen. Your post-exercise recovery process significantly impacts your fitness gains and athletic performance, allowing you to train more effectively. Unfortunately, most people do not have a post-exercise recuperation strategy and aren’t making the most out of their workouts.

Recovery at Sports Recovery Annex

Sports Recovery Annex is a walk-in athletic recovery center that gives regular athletes and professionals access to cutting-edge recovery technologies that used to only be available to Olympic and professional athletes. Acupuncture, cryotherapy, chiropractic adjustment, and physical therapy are just some of the athletic training recovery therapies provided by our sports recovery Jacksonville, FL.

Sports Recovery Annex Recovery Techniques: Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient medicine where the therapist applies a suction vacuum to your skin using specific cups for a few minutes. People receive it for various reasons, including pain relief, inflammation relief, increased blood flow, relaxation, and well-being. It can also be administered as a sort of deep-tissue massage.

The suction causes an increase in oxygenated blood flow to specific areas and gives your muscles the resources they need to recover quickly and healthily.

While cupping treatment is popular right now, its origins may be traced back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern societies. It results in improved blood circulation, decreased recovery time, increased energy, and a sense of wellness. 


Sports Recovery Annex Recovery Techniques: Mac Pro

Marc Pro is a sophisticated electronic muscle stimulator (EMS) device that provides efficient muscle rehabilitation. The technique produces non-fatiguing muscular stimulation, which has been clinically proven to improve each step of muscle recovery. Marc Pro makes it simple to recover quicker, perform better, and maintain your body healthy and active in the long run.

Sports Recovery Annex Recovery Techniques: Laser Therapy

Through the mechanism of photo-bio-stimulation, laser therapy works with your body’s inherent healing powers to help it heal faster. Laser therapy is very effective for individuals suffering from acute pain due to a car accident, sports injury, slip-and-fall, job injury, or post-surgical discomfort. It is also quite beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain.

Laser therapy is a scientifically validated treatment alternative to medicines and surgery for chronic and acute pain. It has a short treatment time and is non-invasive.

Sports Recovery Annex Recovery Techniques: The Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is a method we offer at The Annex’s athletic training Jacksonville center. It is a manual therapy procedure to detect and treat skeletal muscle and connective tissue diseases.

The technique works by raising skin temperature, separating and breaking down collagen cross-links, altering spinal reflux activity, increasing the rate and amount of blood flow to and from the area, increasing cellular activity in the area, and raising histamine response secondary to mast cell activity.

Ready to Get Started With Sports Recovery?

Sports recovery is often overlooked as a secondary part of the workout process, especially for everyday athletes. However, having a proper recovery strategy is a game-changer for making quicker workout games. Find out more about our sports recovery services and start making the most out of your workouts today.