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Therapeutic cupping is an ancient alternative medicine technique, which has recently made a comeback in the sports medicine world, especially during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Cupping helps flush old, stagnant blood from old injuries, which may be preventing complete recovery. When the therapy is finished, the cups are taken off and the muscle is irrigated with new, healthy blood full of nutrients needed for the injured area to recover. This process helps heal deep scar tissue from old injuries or surgeries, muscle spasms and overuse injuries.

What To Expect
During your treatment session, the athletic trainer will begin by placing the cup on your skin and attaching a suction pump to the cup, thereby creating a vacuum. It may be moved around in a massaging motion or left in place for a few minutes before being removed. You may feel mild pressure during the session and have visible red marks for a few days following the treatment. Most people, however, report little to no discomfort during the session and experience results immediately after.
This “vacuum” effect will cause nutrient-rich blood to pool into the area under the cup. The nutrient-rich blood promotes healing and increases range of motion.
Do I Need This?
If you are experiencing any type of tightness, soreness, fatigue or pain in a muscle area, cupping could be very beneficial. This treatment can also break up scar tissue that may be causing pain.

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Client Testimonials

Dr. Iselborn and his staff are first class top to bottom. This is a complete Sports Medicine and Rehab facility that has been my port in the storm for my chiropractic needs and sports massages. I can't recommend them enough as someone who is 50 with a kindergartener who needs to be at 100% full mobility 24/7.

Brian R.

I'm so grateful for Sports Recovery Annex. After getting more serious about ultra and trail running, I've had my big goal as 100 miles, but after failing to complete my 50 mile race this year, I thought that dream wasn't for me. Instead of quitting, I looked for help, and found this little gem of an athlete's dream! Working with Amra has renewed my confidence in my body, and my mental game. Now I have a toolbox full of tricks to help me manage and overcome my imbalances. This ain't your momma's physical therapy/athletic training; this is challenging and my weaknesses have been brought to light in a way that motivates me to address them. I have not looked forward to a training block like I am right now in so long. I have a good feeling my body will impress me now that I've given in the right kind of attention. I can't wait to focus on becoming better instead of constantly battling to reach my baseline.

Cheers to SRA, 2024's race calendar, and a renewed hope!

Alex Y.

My son runs high school track and field and he was having issues with his hamstring. I was referred to the Sports Recovery Annex and the staff was friendly as well as professional. I would gladly recommend anyone who is having physical problems to the Sports Recovery Annex.

Fletcher F.

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