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Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging provides a more accurate diagnosis of your sports injury, and it is much faster than a traditional x-ray, causing less discomfort during the exam. By analyzing the bone and soft tissue anatomy with medical imaging, we can discover where your pain is stemming from and create a customized treatment plan to help you find relief. If additional imaging procedures are necessary, such as an MRI, CT scan or bone scan, our staff can refer you for the appropriate procedure. Should your condition require the help of a specialist, such as a neurosurgeon, cardiologist or orthopedist, Sports Recovery Annex can also help guide you to the appropriate physician. If you have upcoming travel plans, we can also help you arrange the care that you need while on the road.

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Client Testimonials

I came in with a partial tear in my hamstring and they have been the absolute best during my recovery! Staff is so kind, knowledgeable and will do anything she can to make you feel better during your time. I love that they use a variety of treatments and exercises so each appointment is different. I highly recommend Sports Recovery Annex!

Rachel P.

You’re only as good as your ability to recover, and with the Sports Recovery Annex you will be at your best! I used many of their services while training for a marathon and was able to get the most out of my training, stay injury free and run my best race. They have all of the resources that you could need, and their clinicians are second to none. I will continue to highly recommend the Sports Recovery Annex to all athletes of every level!
Cody Pontius

The Sports Recovery Annex is my go to when it comes to marathon training and recovery. I have recently been dealing with a lower leg injury and they are helping me take the steps that I need to recover. The athletic trainers are knowledgeable and encouraging! I am so thankful that we have a facility like this in Jacksonville! There are so many great recovery tools here, it’s hard to pick a favorite!
Casey Mitten

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