Jacksonville, Florida — Understanding that the rapid spread of COVID-19 is causing emergency rooms to be overcrowded, a woman visited Iselborn Health & Wellness with a swollen ankle. In no time, the patient was seen by Iselborn Health & Wellness’ Licensed Chiropractic Physician, received an x-ray, and got the news she had a fractured ankle. Following the diagnosis, the staff provided their patient with a treatment plan, as well as follow-up techniques to prevent long-term effects. “Many people do not realize our facilities can diagnose such injuries — or better yet, treat them.” stated Kaitlyn Iselborn, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Assistant Medical Director at Iselborn Health & Wellness and Sports Recovery Annex.

Amidst the chaos brought about by COVID-19, local, family-owned company Iselborn Health & Wellness and their sister company, Sports Recovery Annex, are doing everything they can to lighten the visits to our community’s medical centers. Both companies have a staff of certified medical personnel, as well as necessary medical equipment to diagnose and treat many different conditions.  

“We understand that a majority of the population is being asked to stay at home by working remotely, going to school online, etc. As a result, people are resorting to trying new activities/workouts that they are unfamiliar with. These could include taking on home improvement tasks, or finding creative ways to entertain their kids. Consequently, taking on such tasks can at times lead to injuries, such as broken bones, falls, strains and sprains, acute back pain, any orthopedic related pain, migraines, etc. Our medical personnel are specifically trained to manage these conditions, lessening the stress on our emergency facilities.” stated Ashley Iselborn, Recovery Specialist at Iselborn Health & Wellness and Sports Recovery Annex.

For a limited time, both clinics are offering a FREE injury assessment clinic Monday through Friday from 9 – 11 am, where patients will receive a free consultation with one of our providers who can determine what course of action needs to be taken based on each individual’s presentation. “We know that times are difficult for everyone right now, and we want to do anything we can to help,” stated Dr. Kaitlyn. 

Even with many businesses forced to shut down to prevent the spread of the virus, organizations considered “essential” by the Department of Homeland Security will remain open – physical therapy and chiropractic offices (Iselborn Health & Wellness and Sports Recovery Annex) included.  

While you’re participating in at-home workouts and inventing creative entertainment for your kids, you may fall victim to an injury. If this is the case, avoid the emergency room or urgent care facilities and schedule an appointment with a health and wellness or sports recovery facility, such as Sports Recovery Annex or Iselborn Health & Wellness

Both Sports Recovery Annex and Iselborn Health & Wellness are actively monitoring the coronavirus and updates from the CDC closely. The facilities are taking the following precautions to ensure the well-being of our staff and clients:

  1. The facilities are limiting visits to the patients only, and are asking that patients do not come with other family members or friends.
  2. They are encouraging clients to come as close to the time of their appointment as they can to help them with social distancing and limiting interactions inside.
  3. They are pre-screening all patients with the standard questions being asked as recommended by the CDC.
  4. They are taking patient temperatures when you arrive. If a patient’s temperature is above 99.6 they will be sent home.
  5. They have distanced the chairs in their waiting room to ensure they meet the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing.
  6. They are limited to no more than 2 sessions on the floor at one time.