Whether you train as a professional, play on your high school’s varsity team, or do bodybuilding at the gym, cryotherapy is a great cold therapy used by athletes of all levels. 

If you have an injury or sore muscles from a prior workout, cryotherapy can help accelerate your recovery. A speedy recovery can allow you to return to your routine and training quicker, thus leading to better results. 

Cryotherapy is a common method for treating sport injuries, whether its swelling, chronic pain, or a pulled muscle. Its cold treatment helps the body recover and rejuvenate. Cold therapy does far more for your injury and/or soreness than an ice pack or ice bath. 

How does cryotherapy help a person’s injury? 

It can help speed up the healing process. Cryotherapy reduces blood flow to the injured area, which will reduce swelling and inflammation. It can reduce pain by numbing the affected area, and can even lessen muscle spasm and decrease tissue damage by reducing metabolism. 

Although an ice pack can temporarily relieve pain and swelling, its long term benefits are lacking. In order for an ice pack to be effective it needs to penetrate the skin deep enough, which is often difficult due to an ice pack’s inconsistent temperature. With cryotherapy, the machine’s (cryosauna) temperature gets to about -200 degrees Fahrenheit and applies a constant flow of this cold temperature to your body for a few minutes. When leaving the cryotherapy chamber, your body fights to warm up at a rapid rate due to the shock of the extreme cold. The freezing temperatures of cryotherapy produce more and better physiological responses. 

In addition to speeding up recovery time, cryotherapy is more comfortable and less time consuming than ice baths and icing. Some of the world’s best athletes, such as LeBron James and Floyd Mayweather, use cryotherapy to help them heal and enhance their performance, and you should too!

Book a Cryotherapy Treatment in Jacksonville, Florida

If you are an athlete or exercise often, you will see a tremendous difference in your recovery if you try cryotherapy. At Sports Recovery Annex, we are experts in cryotherapy and are available to discuss and schedule your treatment. 

If you are looking to heal your body and think cryotherapy will work for you, we recommend you try a session! For those who train hard or have injuries, cryotherapy is more effective and more comfortable than an ice bath or ice packs, and each treatment just takes a few minutes.

At Sports Recovery Annex in Jacksonville, Florida, we offer whole-body cryotherapy sessions. During a session, you will stand in a cryosauna chamber wearing only gloves, socks, underwear, and booties for three minutes as the chamber is filled with a safe nitrogen vapor. Your body will be surrounded by cold air, and the temperature will drop as low as -200 degrees Fahrenheit. During the session, the body’s core temperature remains the same while the skin gets cold. One of our cryotherapy technicians will be there to talk you through the entire experience. 

Sports Recovery Annex is a walk-in sports recovery facility that provides everyday athletes and professionals access to state-of-the-art recovery services in Jacksonville. Our highly trained sports medicine staff include nationally certified athletic trainers, board-certified physicians, and support staff all who will help keep you free from injuries and help you actively recover between workouts and competitions.

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