At Sports Recovery Annex, we offer Kinesiology Taping to athletes to help them recover and remain injury-free. Taping provides a variety of benefits to athletes. When you come to our athletic recovery center, you can be sure that you will be in expert hands. Read on to find out whether Kinesiology taping is right for you.

What is Kinesiology Taping?

Kinesiology Tape is a stretchy and breathable material that can be used to support tissues without overly restricting movement. Compared to other types of tape, Kinesiology Tape is extremely elastic, mimicking the skin’s natural elasticity. The adhesive is water-resistant, which means that the tape stays in place during exercise and even during showering.

Who Can Benefit From Kinesiology Taping?

Kinesiology Taping is suitable for many athletes going through sports recovery in Jacksonville. The tape can support weak muscles and joints, allowing athletes to train without aggravating injuries. We often use Kinesiology Taping for patellofemoral stress syndrome, tendonitis, or IT band friction syndrome.

Kinesiology Taping may reduce pain and inflammation associated with injury. It provides the structure and support that injured areas need to recover fully. It can also support muscles as they move. Kinesiology Tape can increase blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage when applied correctly.

Kinesiology Tape is also useful for conditions such as lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a highly flexible treatment option that can provide support for many different needs in the hands of a trained recovery specialist.

What to Expect When Receiving Kinesiology Taping at Sports Recovery Annex

Recovery specialists at our athletic recovery center first clean the skin with alcohol to help the tape stick. They spray the area with quick-drying adhesive and then apply the tape. Athletic trainers customize the positioning of the tape to match your individual needs. The tape can stay in place for several days, thanks to its ability to stretch and move with the skin.

Is Kinesiology Taping Right For You?

Kinesiology Taping could benefit you if you have an acute or chronic sports injury, or an ongoing back, wrist, knee, shoulder, or other condition. It’s an excellent option for people with specific muscles that quickly fatigue during exercise. The athletic trainers at our sports recovery center in Jacksonville can let you know if it is right for you.

Get Started With Sports Recovery Annex Today

If you have a nagging injury or other painful condition, contact Sports. Recovery Annex today to determine whether Kinesiology Tape is suitable for you. We can help you take the first steps towards injury recovery and more effective training.