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Dealing with pain or recovering from an injury can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and frustrating. Often times people find themselves with unanswered questions and do not feel in control of their own healing. What many people often forget is that our body is smarter than we give it credit for and more often than not, if provided with the proper tools, and a little assistance, our body can heal itself! Physical therapy is a conservative option of treatment that incorporates the use of manual skills, with numerous modalities, and the implementation of a personalized therapeutic exercise program.

As medical professionals, our licensed providers also realize that invasive and nonconservative treatment is a necessity at times. Our doctors are trained and have clinical experience working with postoperative patients, who are in great need of restoring their physical function and maintaining the integrity of their surrounding tissues.

Whether you are an athlete, who was injured during practice or competition, a construction worker, who was harmed on the job, a parent who tripped over your kids toys at home, or find yourself with urine leakage when you laugh (basically, if you are human), working with a conservative healthcare provider can assist you in returning to your normal activities of daily living, and/or get you back out performing optimally for competition.

Our DPT’s are trained at performing thorough evaluations to assess your current condition. Following the evaluation, an individualized plan of care that is modifiable and tailored to your specific goals and needs will be created.

  1. Pelvic pain (pain with sexual intercourse, urination, prolapse, etc.)
  2. Urinary and bowel incontinence or urgency
  3. Post-partum complications (diastasis recti, cesarean scar healing, etc.)
  4. Back and neck pain
  5. Orthopedic injuries
  6. Pre and post-surgical
  7. Nervous system conditions (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc.)
  8. Muscle weakness or decreased motion
  9. Fibromyalgia
  10. Sports injuries
  11. Osteoporosis
  12. Bony abnormalities
  13. Sprains and strains
  14. And many more

Whether you are injured or wanting to improve your performance on the field, physical therapy can be beneficial to you! Our licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy performs quality evaluations for injuries affecting the entire body. Physical therapists have extensive training and are the experts in the musculoskeletal system, providing them with the knowledge to evaluate and diagnose your condition. After performing a detailed evaluation, our doctor will discuss the findings with you and set up a treatment plan. Treatment will consist of manual treatment by the doctor to ensure proper joint alignment and address any soft tissue restrictions, followed by sessions with our certified athletic trainers to improve any strength or balance deficits, before ending with a number of modalities offered at the annex.

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Client Testimonials

Dr. Iselborn and his staff are first class top to bottom. This is a complete Sports Medicine and Rehab facility that has been my port in the storm for my chiropractic needs and sports massages. I can't recommend them enough as someone who is 50 with a kindergartener who needs to be at 100% full mobility 24/7.

Brian R.

I'm so grateful for Sports Recovery Annex. After getting more serious about ultra and trail running, I've had my big goal as 100 miles, but after failing to complete my 50 mile race this year, I thought that dream wasn't for me. Instead of quitting, I looked for help, and found this little gem of an athlete's dream! Working with Amra has renewed my confidence in my body, and my mental game. Now I have a toolbox full of tricks to help me manage and overcome my imbalances. This ain't your momma's physical therapy/athletic training; this is challenging and my weaknesses have been brought to light in a way that motivates me to address them. I have not looked forward to a training block like I am right now in so long. I have a good feeling my body will impress me now that I've given in the right kind of attention. I can't wait to focus on becoming better instead of constantly battling to reach my baseline.

Cheers to SRA, 2024's race calendar, and a renewed hope!

Alex Y.

My son runs high school track and field and he was having issues with his hamstring. I was referred to the Sports Recovery Annex and the staff was friendly as well as professional. I would gladly recommend anyone who is having physical problems to the Sports Recovery Annex.

Fletcher F.

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