As an athlete, your body requires adequate recovery after intense activity. Forgoing this essential routine compromises your performance significantly while heightening the risk of injury. 

Sports Recovery Annex’s massage therapy services offer athletes an effective way of recovering. Massage therapy benefits run deep, ranging from alleviating muscle tension and spasms, increased joint range of motion and flexibility, improved sense of well-being, better sleep, enhanced performance, and more.

This article highlights the five best types of massage therapies suitable for athletes that you can try. 

1. Active Release Technique

Sports Recovery Annex offers Active Release Technique (ART), a massage therapy that involves applying deep pressure to specific soft tissue to alleviate muscle adhesions and scar tissue formation. Generally, therapists use ART to treat muscle, ligament, tendon, fascia, and nerve problems. During the session, the therapist evaluates the soft tissue’s tightness, texture, and movement using their hands, then breaks the muscle adhesions. The athletic trainer will instruct you on how to move through a specific range of motion based upon the area being treated. 

2. Sports Massage


Sports massage is more sport-specific. That is, it focuses on muscles relevant to a specific sport. Note that even physically active non-athlete individuals can use sports massage therapy to target muscles pertinent to their particular activity. But generally, if you are an athlete, this therapy can help you prepare for peak performance. Ideally, it helps stimulate the muscles by breaking down muscle adhesions and scar tissue and improving blood circulation.


3. Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage therapy focuses on specific problem areas. It usually works on the surface and deep layers of the target muscle and fascia. Getting a deep tissue massage is especially ideal if you’re a runner engaging in hard training that causes stress and muscle tension.


4. Trigger Point Massage


Trigger point massage is more focused on treating injuries and sprains. It aims at knots and pain points in the muscles, whereby the therapist applies deep pressure to break the adhesions. Examples of tissue problems ideal for trigger point massage include hamstring injuries, calf strains, etc.


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