Exercise can be rough, even without any injuries or sore muscles. But if you have a   nagging injury or your muscles become fatigued, it can sometimes seem unbearable. Don’t let that keep you from attaining your goals. While you don’t want to push yourself if you are injured, there are some methods to help you keep going through a minor injury or sore, fatigued muscles.

Athletic training tape techniques can help to reduce pain and inflammation of your muscles. One such technique is kinesiology tape. Kinesiology Tape can be used on acute and chronic sports injuries. It can also be used to help with various conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back strain/pain (subluxation, herniated disc), knee and shoulder conditions, and more. It can help to improve circulation and reduce swelling in the area where you have been injured.

Kinesiology tape is non-restrictive and allows for full range of motion. The tape is scientifically designed to provide muscular and structural support where it is applied, allowing for the strained or injured area to recover. It is applied over muscles and joints to reduce pain and inflammation, and support muscles in movement on a constant basis.

Depending on how it is applied, kinesiology taping can also increase blood flow and can help with swelling and lymphatic drainage. Our recovery specialists at the Sports Recovery Annex are trained to customize athletic training tape techniques for individual clients and injuries. The athletic trainer will first clean the area that is being taped with alcohol. This will ensure that the kinesiology tape will stick. Next, the area will be sprayed with a quick-drying adhesive. After the spray dries, the tape will be applied. The length and stretch of the tape applied will depend upon the muscle and the condition being treated.

The athletic trainers at Sports Recovery Annex can counsel you on whether kinesiology tape or any other athletic training tape techniques are required for your condition.

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If you are experiencing fatigued muscles or if an injury is bothering you during exercise, you will see benefits in your recovery and performance if you work with us at Sports Recovery Annex. We promise to use our skills and expertise to help you feel better and get you back in the game. 

Athletic training tape techniques such as kinesiology tape are just one method that our training and recovery specialists at Sports Recovery Annex might recommend for you. Our team at the annex are experts in injury evaluation, functional movement screening, kinesiology, taping, sports stretching, and more. 

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